Let us show you what is driving us forward

Building bridges to better health

Our idea is simple. To use knowledge and experience to provide concrete changes not only patch and bandages to cover up. Countless hours were spent analyzing, listening to all sides of the story, building trust, advanced planning and generating concrete sustainable solution.


Connect all parties and improve fragmented healthcare

It hurts to see how wounded and crippled our current system is. There is pain on both sides and suffering seems to be inevitable. It’s time to bring all parties together to one table, to stop fighting each other and finally start to work together. For the greater cause. Not for the money. That’s our vision.


Accessible, independent and very secure

Medicohealth platform will integrate solutions that will prove to be operational, focusing first on ensuring the most secure decentralized and anonymous data repository.


Support our project

Help us save more lives


The Medicohealth token is at the core of the Medicohealth platform ecosystem, it is the fuel that drives the whole project. As a Medicohealth token holder, you have the opportunity to benefit from substantial advantages by accessing cutting edge innovative technologies.

Our utility token will allow you to:

  • Pay anonymously
  • Get health insurance
  • Get second opinion from chosen doctor
  • Use telemedicine
  • Control access permission to your data


Founders and team

Advisors and ambassadors


Future partners

Future development

It won’t take much to change the world

Medicohealth already received an angel investment, therefore token buyers are contributing to a project that already went through the scrutiny of due diligence made by private investors.

  • $600.000 of own funds, and private investors
  • $3.5 million, Softcap
  • $23.5 million, Hardcap


Come on board now and get up to 50% bonus