Because progress has to be made.
And we are right in the middle of it.

You can support our cause by simply investing some of your funds and let us change the world together.

Create fair healthcare environment

To achieve this, we made our purpose to become widely integrated medical platform and allow anyone to fully anonymous safe and efficient communication with the world’s leading physicians.


Idea is already becoming a reality

Not only we managed to land some huge clients, we are also ahead of schedule and we are already testing on our preview release platform. Yes, this means it will be ready soon. Also, first physicians had already signed up to help us improve user experience and perform pressure tests.


Designed for all generations

User experience is one of the most important thing in our project. We’d like to give you excellence user experience, no matter your age or country of origin. Our platform is suitable for all generations and can be easily integrated in standard infrastructure. Open source API will also be available for all developers to develop freely.


Join us on our quest for better future

Over 89% of healthcare sector is supporting us

Survey we made showed that almost 89% of all healthcare sector we contacted is supporting our cause. They as well want to see crucial changes take place and to write new standards. This gives us extra motivation and willpower to see this through and make things happen.


We are supported and trusted by giants

The past month was a very successful one for the Medicohealth project. One of our biggest challenges was opening an account at Deutsche Bank. This means we have reached and surpassed the high criteria and definitely proved our seriousness and commitment to the project.


Partnering up with the best

Applying leading blockchain solutions through partnerships


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