The biggest
environment based
on blockchain

Medicohealth Platform will allow fully anonymous, safe, and efficient communication with the world’s leading physicians

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Largest database of reviews and testimonials of other patients and doctors.

Easy Access

Easy access to the best doctors for a specific treatment and personal medical data – locally and worldwide.

Correct Treatment

Knowledge and information exchange between doctors, clinics, insurances and third parties ensure correct treatment.

Made to Improve

That means shorter waiting lists, less expensive health insurance and much more personalized health care.

Medicohealth already received an angel investment, therefore token buyers are contributing to a project that already went through the scrutiny of due diligence made by private investors.


2015 Identifying the information exchange trust and security issues in healthcare. Working on theories of combining information exchange with blockchain. Acquiring seed capital of 500K from founders.
2016 Technology and healthcare research. Building partnerships with medical institutions.
Beta testing of the core technologies. Identifying stakeholders in the industry
2017 Testing beta Version (not public)
Selecting the core team
Developing the “go to market strategy”
Establishing referral network
Assessing technology readiness for scaled blockchain application
2018 1st Quarter
Private Pre-sale (Limited Round)
Final testing and selection of possible usable
blockchain protocols and technologies.

2nd Quarter
Whitepaper finalization
Developing Proof of Concept with selected
encryption features and local storage.

3rd Quarter
Implementation and testing of decentralized
storage and key exchange.
Scalability tests with selected partners and in
selected countries.
Beta release of mobile app for users and doctors.

4th Quarter
Expansion and level 2 scalability testing.
Decentralized storage implementation.
Extended testing of core functions and security
2019 Payment module with tokens.
Physician Identity Module
Release of mobile App for secured communication.
Opening of the platform for third party developers.
Full Platform functionality
Expansion to RUS and GUS
Expansion to US market and Latin America
Establishing new partnerships with national and
international health insurance companies - private
and public ones
2020 Establishing partnerships with hospitals using
our Platform
Expanding to Middle East
Expanding to Africa
Establishing cooperation with Universities
2021 Establishing cooperations with Clinical
research and trials
Expanding to China
Further Asia expansion


Milan Rajlic

Co-Founder & CEO

Multi-faced professional with over 20 years of experience living, studying and working in international environments - Europe,and Ex-YU countries. His strenghts lie in deep understanding of industry, energy and infrastructure, along with strategy and business development across consulting and consumer goods marketing.

Andrej Muzevic


Experienced Partner with a proven history of working in the investment management industry. Skilled in Business Planning, Due Diligence, Strategic Planning, Business Development, and Venture Capital. Strong professional with a Master of Science (MSc) focused in Economics from Univerza v Ljubljani.

Marco Muhrer Schwaiger

Consultant of the Management Board

Over 15 years of experience in marketing, PA, PR, and business development. Special focus on the healthcare industry for the last 8 years. Frequent keynote speaker at international congresses, guest lecturer at various universities. Co-author and Co-publisher of the scientific book. Remeasurement of the Healthcare Industry. Winner of the Health Media Award.

Achim Schuetz

Chief Operating Officer

CEO and Owner of Syscoach Consulting, CEO of private hospital chain in Germany. More than 25 years of experience in healthcare and insurance sector. Publisher and author of various scientific books.

Dr. Rolf Porsche

Chief Visionary Officer

During the last 20 years, Rolf held leading positions in the Healthcare and Life Sciences practices at Arthur D. Little and IBM in Europe and the US. He also worked for many start ups as business developer and assessed more than 100 products/complete R+D portfolios in Life Sciences. Rolf is CEO of PORSCHEHEALTH, an international working advisory company executing strategic and realization support projects.

Anja Music

Chief Financial Officer

Young professional with more than 7 years experience in Banking and Treasury department, later as Senior Accountant in French bank which has given her strong analytical skills, understanding of business planning, financial reporting, accounting, business analysis, project management, problem solving, as well as coordination across departments.

Matjaz Torc

Chief Technology Officer

Always viewing out of the box when creating, using innovation and simplicity wherever possible. Analytical thinking on the other hand enables him to produce results and services with long term effect, checkpoints and repeatability.

Joze Hudina

Head of Blockchain Development

He is a co-founder with more than 15 year old company that works in telecommunications industry. Almost 5 years ago he started to focus on blockchain technology. In this field, he is a co-founder of Bitins Ltd, a company that develops solutions for Bitcoin mass adoption. He is also an advisor for several blockchain projects.

Dr. Zoran Milosevic

Chief Digital Health Officer

An internationally recognised digital health expert with over 15 years experience at strategic and interoperability eHealth projects in Australia and USA, in variety of environments, spanning eHealth authorities, private health providers, and standard bodies. Member of the HL7 International Architecture Review Board. Research leader in digital contracts and enterprise distributed systems, with significant track record achieved while working in applied research institutions and universities in Australia and UK. Entrepreneur activities in the translation of research into product design and development, as a founding partner in the Deontik Australia. A practitioner of data analytics, machine learning, AI and blockchain. Fellow of Australian Computer Society and Senior Member of IEEE.

Marko Wernig

Chief Marketing Officer

Self made marketing expert, sales analyst and NLP coach, negotiation shark and business director with a wide range of successful past projects. Crypto trader, investor and product developer.

Tomaz Jaklitsch

Senior Strategist

More than 15 years of experience in the fields of business development, marketing, media and branding. He started his first creative group in 2001 and since then worked on creation and development of many successful brands, media solutions and public movements. He is also an adviser for foreign and domestic investors.

Sandra Verdnik

Data Analyst

After graduating from University of Maribor, she started to work in the finance sector. After several years of working for a US company as a data analyst, she recently went back to the finance sector as a key client manager at an international bank.

Igor Muzevic

Medical Advisor & Senior Blockchain Strategist

Investor and researcher of blockchain technology since 2013. Angel investor and external consultant to OriginTrail (First Purpose-built Protocol for Supply Chains Based on Blockchain). Founder and President of Trade Union of Slovenian Family doctors PRAKTIK.UM. Member of an Expert council in the field of Family medicine at Ministry of Health of Slovenia, representing the highest state expert body in the field of Family medicine.

Urska Faller


15 years of experience in communications and PR, public and private sector, diplomacy, politics and economy, content designer and project manager for projects supported with EU or other grants on field of tourism, nature, environment, smart communities and anthropological science.

Tonja Gasperlin

Lead Graphic Designer

Holding a Bachelor's degree from Faculty of Design, her skills flourished while studying in Barcelona, Spain. Designing everything from small projects to complete visual brand reinventions, Tonja believes in telling relatable stories through eye-watering graphics that are both impactful and at the same time easy on the eye.

Oleg Batyrshin

Creative Director

Graphic designer with the ability to successfully convert desired moods and messages into imagery. With more than 15 years of experience in both print and digital media, he has a strong visual sense which applies in design for creating simple, beautiful and easy to understand concepts.

Masa Krizman

Social Media Editor

A former Faculty of Design student, she has over 6 years experience in the sales and marketing industry. Used to micro and macro managing projects, creating social branding for companies from the ground up and implementing her ideas through visual communication and graphic design. A lover of challenging assignments where her knowledge can grow and evolve.

Luka Lipar

Senior Content Creator

Creatively explaining how things work is his hobby. Add some enthusiasm for social networks, combine it with a deep insight of how people think and what do they want, and you get the perfect combination for creating content that is interesting to adults and understandable by children.

Kaja Wernig

Social Media Coordinator

With more than 7 years of experience in sales, marketing and social media managment, her mind is always thinking of new and innovative ways to meet the needs of the costumer in areas and ways they havent even thought of. She is an expert in incorporating the soul and spirit of the best that humanity has to offer in all marketing and social campaigns.

Namik Salievski

Social Community Manager

With his heavy work ethic and 8 years of experience in social marketing, web sales and online advertising, along with IT educational background, self-taught developer skills and profound interest in blockchain and crypto world, he is a perfect example of the go-to person in all matters where delicate and precise management of online communities is needed.

Nino Serec

Frontend Developer

The young and enthusiastic Nino has a strong foundation and experience in mobile app and web development. He is also intrigued by the progress of artificial intelligence and plans to continue his career and studies in this direction.

Tristan Sneider

Backend Developer

More than 4 years of experience in Web development and various programming languages, successfully launched different projects, currently developing Medicohealth Platform.

Jure Pirc

Chief Communications Officer

IT professional with over 20 year of experience in information technologies. He is one of the most active cryptocurrency community managers in Slovenia and current president of Bitcoin association Slovenia.

Romana Krejan

Healthcare Business Development

Romana Krejan gained her working experiences as a consultant for companies specialised in market entry. She has gained experience in 100+ researches and consulting projects in various sectors on European markets. She is an experienced moderator for in-depth interviews/ focus groups with 100+ researches done among physicians, pharmacist and end consumers.

Janko Novak

Key Account Manager Foreign Countries

Experienced Business Development Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Business Process, Intelligence Analysis, Legal Compliance, Electronic Payments, and Fraud Detection and Prevention.

Eva Strus

Digital Marketing Strategist

Eva is passionate about innovative digital communication strategies and inbound marketing with a track record of creating and implementing successful online marketing campaigns. She is proactive and self-directed person who is up-to-date with constantly evolving technologies and is committed to taking on challenging assignments.

Navas Edilson

Representative South and Latin America

He lives and works in Sao Paulo. Journalist and publicist, has worked last 25 years in prominent Brazilian advertising agencies such as RSVP, Jotacom and HSTK. He was recently appointed to Community Manager for Enlte's South America, a newly created decentralised social network. Since mid-2017 he is a blockchain tech enthusiast.

Luka Podjed

Head of Legal Department

A professional legal expert specialized in the fields of commercial and penal law. Offering clients and partners a broad range of legal services required both by commercial entities in order to facilitate unhindered business operations as well as by natural persons for their personal concerns.

Marusa Repnik

Compliance Officer

After getting her Bachelor's Degree in law, she collected her business experience working for various companies, helping them to set up their internal processes. Her latest challenge was working at cryptocurency Xaurum.

Miha Mastnak

Visual effects artist

Visual effects artist with a Bachelor in Media Communications. Specialising in everything from Cinematic visual effects to Motion graphics.

Ambassadors and Advisors

Dr. Henri Michael von Blanquet

Medical Advisor

He became an interim MD at the oncology private station at the Heinrich Heine University Dusseldorf. Then he became Director at the M & M AG, partner at the convergence office for system advice at the healthcare industry, Business Development and M&A Manager at the Marseille hospitals in Hamburg.

Dr. Marko Bitenc

Medical Advisor

Has surgery license since 1993. He completed two mandates as the president of the Medical Chamber of Slovenia and was also president of the EFMA/WHO (European Forum of Medical Associations).

Dorijan Marusic

Medical & Business Advisor

He became medical director of the General Hospital Izola in May 2000. At the end of the same year, he became State Secretary at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia. In 2008 he becomes the advisor of the General Director of the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia. He was Minister of Health in Republic of Slovenia for 2 years. He was member of the Expert Panel on Effective Ways of Investing in Health at DG SANCO until 2016.

Simon Cocking

Cryptocurrency Advisor

Senior Editor at Irish Tech News, Editor in Chief at CryptoCoinNews, also freelances for Sunday Business Post, Irish Times, Southern Star, IBM, G+D, and others. He is a top ranked member of the People of Blockchain (currently ranked at #1 / 18,000). He is also a business mentor and advisor working with 70+ successful ICOs to date.

Dr. Dr. Philipp Plugmann

Medical & Strategy Advisor

Member of Advisory Council of Innovation club AIF FTK GmbH, participant of a Part-Time DBA Programme, currently working on 2 books. Presented results of a multicentre study on the 12th and 14th International Open and User Innovation Conference, July 2014 and August 2016, Harvard Business School, Boston (USA), letter of acceptance by Prof Eric von Hippel and Nov 2015 in the 2nd World Open Innovation Conference, Silicon Valley, organized by Berkeley Haas School of Business.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Jaeschke

IT Development Advisor

He works as a medical and business information specialist. He teaches IT security as well as information and knowledge management at the FOM University of Economics and Management in Business Informatics.

Prof. Dr. Hans Hermann Dirksen

Legal Advisor

Liebenstein law - Law Firm for Commercial Law & Medical Law, Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel, Frankfurt Main.

Dumitru Fornea

Advisor for European Affairs

Member of the European Committee. International Relations, National Trade Union Confederation MERIDIAN (CSN MERIDIAN) & member of EESC, Eesc, University Politehnica of Bucharest, University of Buharest, SNSPA.

Ulrich von Prittwitz

Human Resource Development Advisor

He is the founder and CEO of Gaffron and Prittwitz. He also works as a recruitment consultant and specializes in systematic assessment and development.

Aarne Kujala

Executive MBA & MSc

Mr. Aarne Kujala has an extensive experience in field of pharmaceuticals, healthcare, consult- ing and finance. For the last two year Mr. Kujala managed a portfolio of respiratory and pulmonary medicines worth €55M in GlaxoSmithKline. Aarne’s passions include developing and innovating healthcare services as well as digital innovations serving patients better in a digitized modern society.

Luka Pregelj

Legal Advisors

A Legal and Business Consultant at Lex Lucas Consulting - lean consulting firm, advising on blockchain projects on the matters of corporate law, compliance, tax law, regulation of emerging technologies and global e-commerce. Luka has advised on a dozen blockchain projects as legal advisor and crowdsale manager (in case of

Ivo Grlica

Legal Advisors

Blockchain legal specialist, involved in research on legal and tax challenges of cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger (blockchain) technologies. He has published numerous articles on legal aspects of innovative digital business models, smart contracts and smart law.

Prof. Dr. Djordje Bajec

Medical Advisor

With more than 30 years of experience, and more then 20 years Leading Surgeon and CEO of Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade, the biggest government Hospital. Now, he is full time employed as Leading Surgeon and Medical Advisor to CEO in Bel Medic, leading private hospital in Serbia.

Dr. Katarina Bajec

Medical Advisor

With more than 10 years of experience in General Ophthalmology, specialized for anterior segment eye diseases, with special emphasys on diagnosis and treatment of keratoconus. She is founder and CEO at MediKat. Ltd, the first platform for Medical Business Intelligence, Innovations, Solutions, Strategy and Project Development.

Dr. Boris Simoncic

Medical Advisor

Dentist and Biotech entrepreneur, founder of Mirje Medical Center in Ljubljana, founder of Best Blood stem cells Therapy and Healthpassport.

Sebastian Baum

Healthcare Management Advisor

Since 2012 he is the commercial director of St. Antonius Hospital in Eschweiler. Before he gained experience as Head of Time Management at the University Hospital of Cologne as well as Consultant for Healthcare at the KPMG AG. He is lecturer in the field of Hospital Management at the FOM University and the mibeg Institute of Medicine. He is a member of the AK Economics in Health Care of the Schmalenbach Society.

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